Who are the Sodhi’s

Sodhi is a Khatri clan of Punjab (India). Sodhis are considered to be landlords and can be found all over North India mainly in Punjab.

Seven of the Sikh Gurus (from Guru Ram Das to Guru Gobind Singh) belonged to the Sodhi surname.

In his autobiography, Vichitra Natak Guru Gobind Singh gives an account of the origin of the Sodhi clan. Sodhi Rai son of Kusha, son of Lord Shri Rama, moved to Sanadh region where he married the king’s daughter. His descendants moved to Madra Desh (now called Punjab), and came to be called Sodhi.[1] Descendants of other son, Lava, Of Lord Shri Rama populated city of Lahore (now in Punjab) and came to be called Lavana, Labana, Luwaar, Luvar, etc. It is believed that descendants of these two children of Lord Rama come to rule every 500 years. After the rule of Kusha’s descendants, the ‘kingdom’ was passed down to descendants of Lava.

In Sikhism, after the death of Guru Har Krishan there was much speculation on who would be the next Guru. At the time of confusion, 22 members of the Sodhi dynasty thought they should be the next Guru. In the end it was concluded that Guru Tegh Bahadur was the next Guru. Guru Tegh Bahadur went on to further spread the Sikh’s principle of total rejection of caste system.